Desktop Virtualization

Dell Simplifies Delivery of End-to-End Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Microsoft Environments

Dell Cloud Client Computing today announced new end-to-end solutions to help simplify and speed the deployment of desktop virtualization solutions for customers implementing a Microsoft-based IT environment. Dell introduced enhancements to its DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012, which enables small to mid-sized organizations to take advantage of existing Microsoft licensing investments and deploy a combination of up to 600 VDI users or 1,040 remote desktop sessions (RDSH). The new updates include faster and more flexible deployment of converged infrastructure, 10-seat proof of concept, high-end graphics and support for Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. As an extension to higher seat count, Dell also released the DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace Reference Architecture based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V for customers looking for a flexible, cost effective solution to support up to 5,000 virtual desktops, including advanced virtual machine (VM) management functions.

Dell will showcase the new offerings at Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft’s premier event for IT professionals and enterprise developers, next week in booth #1201.

DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 is designed for small to mid-sized organizations such as schools and universities that have existing Microsoft and education licensing and purchasing agreements and are interested in a limited-sized deployment, along with a mix of remote desktop sessions and virtual machines at an affordable cost.

This end-to-end solution, which promotes rapid time to deployment, now offers the following enhancements:

  • Converged Infrastructure Deployment Option: Supporting Microsoft VDI workloads on its converged infrastructure platform for the first time, Dell is offering a pre-built, pre-configured version of DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 validated with Dell Active System. A key component of the solution is Active System Manager, which extends the management capabilities beyond the physical to the virtualized infrastructure and workloads. Because it is pre-integrated, this form of deployment helps organizations accelerate the implementation and configuration of VDI, maximize efficiency, and deliver predictable and reliable VDI services to end users.
    Small Business or VDI Proof of Concept (POC) Deployment Option: Dell is also offering a 10-seat VDI solution based on DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012, aimed at doctors’ offices, accounting firms, local law firms, retail shops, etc. It is also suitable as a POC for larger organizations interested in trying out VDI on Windows Server Hyper-V cost-effectively. The solution includes a Dell PowerEdge T110 II tower server, Dell ProSupport¹, Dell Wyse thin clients and a setup guide.
  • Virtualized High-End Graphics: With NVIDIA GRID and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards certified on Dell PowerEdge R720 running Windows Server 2012, IT organizations can easily deliver a high-fidelity, rich multi-media experience to virtual desktop users through RemoteFX across LAN and WAN. Standard graphics users now have the modeling and high-definition imaging capabilities needed to be productive from a VDI session. With Microsoft RemoteFX coupled with virtualized graphics technology, users can securely access multimedia or graphics intensive 3D applications built on DirectX from any location and on virtually any device, while providing IT departments with the ability to centrally host and manage sensitive user data and resources. When combined with powerful Dell Wyse endpoints certified and optimized for Microsoft RemoteFX, organizations gain all the advantages of desktop virtualization without compromising performance.
  • Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 Sizing: In addition to Windows 7, Dell is now adding sizing guidance and support for Windows 8 Enterprise and Microsoft Office 2013 on DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 so organizations can plan Operating System migrations for the long-term. With Windows 8 support, organizations can now increase end-user satisfaction by providing seamless access to virtual desktops using touch-enabled devices, such as Dell tablets or select Dell Wyse thin clients running Windows Embedded 8 Standard. By embracing Windows 8 and RemoteFX technologies, Dell provides a robust end-to-end VDI solution based on Microsoft RemoteFX.

Dell DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace
Dell DVS Enterprise has been qualified for vWorkspace 8 software based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, offering one more option for Microsoft-centric customers looking for a flexible, cost-effective and higher seat count deployments of up to about 5,000 virtual desktops. The new end-to-end, mid-market, reference architecture, DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace, supports remote desktop sessions, virtual desktops, pooled or personal, and application delivery, which are all deployed, configured and managed from the same console. DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace also provides significant storage savings with HyperCache, very fast VM provisioning with HyperDeploy and real-time VM monitoring and diagnostics of the infrastructure and user experience. This provides advanced management of virtual desktops to minimize downtime for IT support and improve the user experience as a result.

Both DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 and DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace are based on Dell PowerEdge R720 servers, Dell EqualLogic 1G iSCSI PS4100E/PS6500E storage, Dell Networking S55 switch 1G Top of Rack, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1/2012 and Windows Server 2012 (including Hyper-V), Dell Wyse endpoints qualified for RemoteFX including D10D, D90D7 and Z90D7 thin clients, X90m7 mobile thin client and Dell ProSupport¹ services for hardware and software. DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace also includes vWorkspace 8.0 virtualization software, and DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 includes an Active System deployment option and a POC option with a Dell PowerEdge T110 II tower server and Dell Wyse thin clients.

The enhancements for DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 will be available in the U.S., UK, France, Netherlands, and Germany in July. The 10-seat VDI solution for small business and POC deployments is available now.

DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace Reference Architecture will be available online at on June 3 in U.S., UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Network Virtualization Server Virtualization

NEC Introduces Integrated Server and Network Virtualization Solution with System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012

IRVING, Texas: NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider of advanced IT solutions, and a pioneer in OpenFlow-based Software Defined Networking (SDN), will unveil at Microsoft’s TechEd conference the award-winning NEC ProgrammableFlow Network Suite optimized to integrate with Microsoft’s System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager, delivering automated server and network orchestration for virtualized data centers. This new integrated solution, which will be demonstrated at TechEd, will transform network management for Windows Server 2012 customers, enabling new levels of control, flexibility, automation, and significant OpEx savings.

NEC’s planned SDN solution will help customers of Windows Server 2013 and Hyper-V automate the time-consuming and disruptive task of configuring their networks as they support the dynamic movement of virtual machines. It further enhances the flexibility provided with complete network virtualization, introduced with the NEC OpenFlow-based vSwitch for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and available since January 2013. NEC’s ProgrammableFlow vSwitch for Windows Server Hyper-V environments, the PF1000, and the ProgrammableFlow SDN Controller manage network flows, working in conjunction with System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager, controlling the source and destination virtual machines.

Customers will have new levels of virtual machine mobility, visibility and control as they monitor end-to-end network flows from one virtual machine to another. ProgrammableFlow SDN customers, operating in production today, have experienced operating expense reductions of as much as 50-80%.

The new, integrated orchestration will be demonstrated at TechEd in New Orleans on June 4, in the session entitled “How to Design and Configure Networking in Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-V,” which begins at 3:15 p.m. NEC and Microsoft are open to early adopter customers now, with general availability of the technology expected this fall.

“Windows Server 2012 SDN lets customers rethink networking in the context of transforming their data centers for the cloud by abstracting apps and services from the underlying network,” said Mike Schutz, general manager, Server and Tools Marketing, Microsoft. “NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Network Suite, optimized to integrate with Microsoft’s System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager, helps ease the administrative burden of configuring and provisioning networks. Private and hybrid cloud customers can realize the promise of SDN by reducing operational complexity, introducing new levels of automation, and enabling centralized control over servers, and both the physical and virtual networks.”

“I have been talking to customers across the country in a series of Software-Defined Networking workshops, and they are excited, but skeptical, of the benefits of SDN,” reported networking industry analyst Jim Metzler, VP of Ashton, Metzler and Associates. “NEC has repeatedly demonstrated leadership with its ProgrammableFlow network family – most recently with its SDN Application Center. Based on reports from SDN customers in production today, NEC has helped to clarify what is possible with this transformative technology.”

“Expanding our integration with Windows Server 2012 through System Center Virtual Machine Manager is the natural progression of NEC’s SDN solution development,” said Mike Mitsch, VP of Enterprise Technology, NEC Corporation of America. “Customers using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager and ProgrammableFlow networking now have the ability to be more responsive to their lines of business while delivering reduced operational costs with new levels of total system agility.”

Introduced to the market in 2011, the ProgrammableFlow Network Suite was the first commercially available SDN solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol, enabling complete network virtualization and secure multi-tenant networks. ProgrammableFlow networking enables customers in production today to easily deploy, control, monitor, and manage multi-tenant network infrastructure. Endorsed by customers, the ProgrammableFlow solutions provide the first comprehensive suite that includes both physical and virtual switches as well as an SDN controller and the new NEC SDN Application Center, an ecosystem of network applications. Ideally suited for corporate and service provider data centers, the ProgrammableFlow Controller provides a cost-effective, high-performance, highly scalable SDN platform.

Network Virtualization

NEC to Demo SDN for Hyper-V 2012 with ProgrammableFlow Network Suite

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) announced today that it will be demonstrating its ProgrammableFlow software defined networking (SDN) fabric for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V environments in Booth 18 at Microsoft TechEd North America 2012, to be held in Orlando on June 11-14. ProgrammableFlow, which recently earned the Grand Prize at Best of Interop, also has been named a category finalist for Best of TechEd North America.

NEC’s ProgrammableFlow network suite was the first commercially available SDN solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol enabling complete network virtualization, allowing customers to easily deploy, control, monitor, and manage multi-tenant network infrastructure. This architecture delivers better utilization of all IT assets and helps provide ongoing investment protection as customers add functionality or upgrade their networks. NEC’s approach simplifies network administration and provides a programmable interface for unifying the deployment and management of network services with the rest of IT infrastructure.

“NEC’s ProgrammableFlow network suite will be one of the first OpenFlow-based SDN fabrics to operate in a Windows-based virtualized environment,” said Ian Carlson, director of Windows Server and Management at Microsoft. “Microsoft and NEC are building on our longstanding partnership to offer Windows Server 2012 customers greater VM mobility and the ability to apply integrated business policies across both the virtual and physical networks.”

Similar to the transformation hypervisors brought with server virtualization, the network virtualization delivered by the ProgrammableFlow SDN fabric can benefit enterprises dramatically – giving Windows Server customers a new option for building large, flat networks that streamline the management of datacenter networks through greater levels of automation while driving down operational costs and time to deliver business services. ProgrammableFlow networks for Windows environments are available now for customer evaluations and trials.

“The ProgrammableFlow network suite, which recently won the Grand Prize at Best of Interop 2012, is evolving to provide customers with a radically simplified, open and scalable network,” said Don Clark, Director of Business Development, IT Platform Technologies, NEC. “ProgrammableFlow 2.0 provides more control of network resources while maintaining interoperability with other OpenFlow compliant equipment, including bandwidth monitor, point and click network deployment and policy based multipath routing.”

ProgrammableFlow networks for Windows Server 2012 leverage the Hyper-V Extensible Switch application programming interface (API) to create a dynamic data center fabric allowing for unmatched ease of network management and increased performance across the network. With ProgrammableFlow, the entire network can be configured and monitored with one central point of control and network traffic can be visualized from end to end. For the first time, Hyper-V customers can fine-tune their network management and control with network-wide automated application of business policy, dynamically managed, and network level load balancing across multiple paths for more available bandwidth and faster network response.

The Best of TechEd (BOTE) North America Awards, produced by Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro and Dev Pro, recognize the innovative products and services showcased at Microsoft TechEd North America 2012. A panel of editors from these publications will select a winner from each product award category and TechEd North America 2012 attendees will select the winner of the Attendees’ Pick Award by voting for their favorite product.

NEC will demonstrate the ProgrammableFlow network at NEC booth, #18, at TechEd, June 11-14 in Orlando. TechEd winners will be announced on June 14. For more information on TechEd, visit: