New PHD Virtual Improves Backup Performance and Scalability

New Release of PHD Virtual Backup Dramatically Improves Backup Speed and Extends Management Capabilities for Large Scale Deployments PHD Virtual Technologies, pioneer and innovator in backup and recovery for virtual machines, today announced PHD Virtual Backup 5.2, a new release that further extends PHD Virtual’s lead in providing the most scalable and high performance backup… Continue reading New PHD Virtual Improves Backup Performance and Scalability

Top 10 Backup Mistakes in Virtual Environment

As Virtualization and cloud computing technology spreads its wings, backup and data protection of virtual infrastructure is becoming a vital part of many IT departments data backup planning. Dave Elliott has written a great piece on what not to do when considering virtualization backup solutions in your greater organizational disaster recovery strategy and planning.

ActiveImage Protector Released for Hyper-V With New ReZoom Feature

Rectiphy Corp. today released its ActiveImage Protector (AIP) for Hyper-V 2 .7.5 with patent-pending ReZoom technology. Rectiphy’s AIP was the first solution that allowed users to Hot Image a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ host along with all guest virtual machines and applications without shutting them down, vastly improving Hyper-V backup management.

Got a Virtualization Infrastructure backup strategy yet?

Ever since we deployed and migrated some of our IT infrastructure to Virtualization, backup of those resources, and virtual machines has been a top priority. Once that Virtual Machine (VM) is deleted from the database, there is no way to get it back unless you have another copy of it, cloned it, made a template from it or point in time backup of that VM somewhere other than the datastore it is running on.