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Dell C6105 Cloud Server

vNEST: Home Lab Upgrade, enter the vSAN!

Ever since VMware introduced VSAN, I've been anxious to test it out, deploy it in my lab and see what it does and how it...

The vNEST: Home Virtualization Lab, Part 2

This will be part 2 of the building home virtualization lab blog I wrote couple of years ago. I haven't had much time over...

Building Home Virtualization Lab on a Budget

Dell-PowerEdge-SC440After starting couple of projects at work which involved saving money in the long run as well as server consolidation, I went on a quest to transform my home lab into a virtualization lab. Since I already had a Dell Poweredge SC440 server as a domain controller along with mixture of windows 7 and windows XP Professional workstations, I decided to purchase similar dell server and a Network Attached Storage (NAS) central storage to simulate iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN).

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